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Pets Bereavement Video Counselling

(P.B.V.C) Pets Bereavement Video Counselling

  • 1 hour
  • 50 British pounds
  • Pets Haven

Service Description

Pets bereavement video counselling is available for anyone who is anticipating the loss of /or is in the process of grieving for a beloved pet. This service is £50 per session, but for those in need who can’t afford the fees, I would recommend contacting Blue Cross – Pets Bereavement Support Team, who offer free support. Pets bereavement video counselling anticipating the loss of a pet Research has shown that people who receive help before the loss of their pet have a better coping mechanism than those who seek support after the loss has happened. We can explore all areas you may experience, investigate your practical options, understand what to expect on the day and help find the strength to cope on the day. Here are 5 common anticipated pet loss questions people ask: 1. When will I know the time is right? 2. How long does the euthanasia process take? 3. What will I tell my children? 4. I don’t think I will be able to go through with it 5. What will happen to my pet once s/he has died? Pet bereavement video counselling after the loss of a pet The grief that comes from the death of pets can be very severe just like the loss of a human friend or family member. With Pets Bereavement Video Counselling, you will get personalised support where you can feel heard, feel validated, feel valued. As your pet’s bereavement counsellor, I will assist and support you through the grieving process, from your first day to when you decide to end our counselling sessions. Many people, myself included, felt one session was enough to come to the acceptance of loss and to create coping strategies, but some people may need regular counselling sessions. 5 Common things people express after the loss of a pet: 1. Is it true? 2. Did it really happen? 3. Are they really gone? 4. How did this happen? 5. I had no idea what would happen during euthanasia The list though is endless. If you are anticipating the loss of a pet or are already in the grieving process and feel you need help from a counsellor, then book my Pets Bereavement Video Counselling session, where you can be in the comfort of your own home and get the support you need. My counselling service is open only on Sundays between 6pm – 10pm (UK time).

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No refunds is available but you have three attempts to reschedule.

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