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Summer Dog Walking Safety Tips and Useful products

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Imagine you were walking barefoot, covered in overflowing body hair, on a beautiful summer’s day. The pavement is scorching hot, these no shade and no water in sight and the end of your walk is far off. How would you feel?

As humans we sometimes get so carried away by the sun shining outside that we forget that our little furry friends can be feeling uncomfortable with the weather.

If you are reading this post- good for you and your dog. I want to share some common-sense tips to help you and your dog enjoy this summer.

Remove your shoes for a few moments and test out the pavement and see if the temperature is bearable. Avoid the pavement if the temperature is very high. Always look for shady places. Carry a bottle of water and a dog cup. Make sure you don’t leave your dog in the sun for too long.

Animals love summertime too, but we don’t always understand them when they tell us it is too hot.

Overheating is very dangerous for dogs.

Walk your dog very early in the morning when the air is still a bit cooler and later at night when the sun is going doing down.

You can keep your dog in the garden but be careful there too.

We have tested some summer products that you can use for your dog and little kiddies to give them shade and allow them to enjoy the summertime:

GYMAX elevated dog bed with removable canopy, Portable pet cot canopy, Cooling raised dogs/ cats bed for indoors and outdoors.

Foldable dog swimming pool 100x30cm, Pet dog/ cat bathing tub, Indoor/ outdoor puppy pool non-slip PVC with built-in drainage Hole, Pet bathtub for garden/ patio/ bathroom, Dog /cat kids paddling pool

Here is a video of taking dogs in shaded areas. Looks like the following leads are being used.

Belababy 5ft double handles dog lead, Heavy duty strong nylon reflective walking leash for dogs, 1.5m length durable rope perfect for large, medium, or small dog daily use

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