How to start a dog boarding business

Updated: Jul 6

I hope this article will help you to work out if a dog boarding business is for you.

I will try to give a flavor of what is involved. To be forward is to be forearmed. If you know what might be coming along you are not so disappointed and discouraged from achieving your dream.

At the end of this article, you will find some training links for Canine Principles who are recognised, online training providers.

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How to start a dog boarding business

Starting a successful dog daycare and boarding business is not easy, but it is doable, and if you start it right then you will experience a lot less stress in the future.

Imagine searching online for a dog daycare or dog boarding business that you would like to send your own dog to.

What type of business would you be happy with?

And why?

How much would you be willing to pay to send your own dog there?

Well, that is a pretty good guide to how much you can charge for your business services.

You do not have to create your business plan straightaway. You might want to wait for a few months to test the waters and then create your business plan based on the experience you have attained.

I think rushing into a business plan when you do not have the necessary experience produces more stress than is necessary.

Only by experimenting with different things will you have a reasonable idea of what will work, and be able to create blueprints that will build a successful business.

In the beginning, you will need to be very dedicated and willing to sacrifice sleep and fun outings.

You will need to keep learning and educating yourself so you can stay on top of things.

When you think you are ready and your business has the potential to succeed then you will need to invest in getting a dog daycare/boarding business license (don't start looking after paying -customers' dogs in your home without a license, but do a trial run looking after family or friends dogs without payment.).

Practice, practice, practice, and take some online studies business courses when you have given yourself a few months of practice. When you do apply for your license it will then be second nature to you.

Here are links to some courses you may find interesting from Canine Principles:

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