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Instant Energy Booster

I like to start my day with this lovely calorie-control and protection-against- bugs drink.

The ingredients in this drink give your brain power and it is said to strengthen the heart.

This instant energy drink has gentle stimulants to purge excess fluid that can build up through the night.

Since giving birth to my son last year, I have had knee pain and my knees were swollen for a long time.

Since I have started making my homemade juices, I have noticed a lot of change.

My swollen knees have gone (although the pain comes and goes.)

I have four children to look after besides running my doggy daycare and home boarding business.

The healthy homemade drinks I share with you have been a lifesaver for me.

I wake at 5am, get ready and then wake my kids by 6:30am.

I make my children's breakfast and breastfeed my 11- month - old son and at 7am my first client comes to drop off their dog.

I play with my son, play with the dog and look after the other children.

After my client collects their dog I wash up, take all my kids for a walk in the nearby park, go home and prepare dinner and wash up and get the business stuff sorted ready for the next day.

The drinks I drink in the morning or in the afternoon are to give me energy, to help my body function so I can care for my family and my clients' dogs

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Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the video 😊




Kiwi fruit

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