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Today, was unexpected for both me and my new dog. I have been searching to adopt a dog for over a year now. I spent most my time on various rescue dog centres but dogs that are friendly and good around kids and these dogs were snatched up fast.

It's taken me a year and half making the decision that felt very painful, to buy a dog. At first I looked for puppies, the cute little ones and soon realised that with four kids, one only 16months old I wasn't realistic.

Before my realisation I contacted various puppy sellers, some I couldn't believe the price and others well cheap but not microchip, vaccination or anything. That was a big worry, everytime I would ask a seller to send copy of the vaccination card and microchip so I could go and purchase the dog, some would go quiet while others would say things like you wouldn't get this dog breed this cheaper anyw else.

Without a picture of documentation that they said they would show me once I went to they property. I felt uneasy so I stood my ground and rejected doing business with them. Someone recently told me that when purchasing a dog, you have to go about it as if you were purchasing a car.

If you contact a car dealer for brand new car, what discounts would you ask for? And what questions would you ask for, when it's about a second car?

Dogs are not cars, but the principle is the same, decide on budget and stick to that budget no matter what. My budget was very low (£200) so find small dog, that was good with kids and other dogs wasn't going to be easy. But one week of searching for dogs to buy. I ended up, getting the hange of searching and what to look for, what questions to ask.

So when I saw my dog on website something happen, I felt excited but I was told someone else was going for him that in the morning.

The next morning I wake feeling excited, warm feeling in my stomach. I was driving my kids to school and I kept saying something really good is going to happen but I don't know what it is.

When I was done with the school run, I decided to contact Angel is previous owner to see if Angel was gone. To my surprise the other buyer want to reschedule, so Angel is previous owner, said they felt after talking to me that I would care his dog better, so him wanted me to take Angel.

Angel's previous owner sent me photos of documents, vaccination, microchip and I went a got Angel.

From the moment he saw me, he was really excited and excited to see my kids. I felt sad for father, mother and children who had to say goodbye to Armani who is now called Angel.

The children wanted to have a last look at the beloved dog.

The family had to sell Angel because they were move away and couldn't take him with them. They had him since he was two weeks old.

Now, a year old. We have become his second family.

All I can say is they have raised a great dog .

Questions I should have ashed? Is the dog neutered? Big mistake, my dog isn't neutered and I look after dogs so it's been a really challenge.

They cost of neutered omg 😱 is super expensive.

Two weeks with us 🥰

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