What home business can you start?

Updated: Jul 6

If you are thinking of starting your own dog-home-boarding business, but are not sure where to start, then you have come to the right place.

During covid-19, I had to make the hard decision to close my beauty business and then found myself pregnant. I really didn’t know how I was going to survive financially with three children and a baby on the way.

My children were begging for us to adopt another dog or cat. After losing our dog Molly and cat Sonia. I wanted to try adopting a different animal before thinking about another dog or cat. So, I adopted a Hermann tortoise who is now two years old.

And we have two gerbils. But adopting another dog or cat was something my family remained interested in doing because we missed going for those fun and playful walks.

So, instead of adopting another dog, I thought ‘why not help look after other people's dogs when they are at work or on holiday.’

But I was scared of just jumping into it. So, I decided to do a ‘dog walking and pet sitting training’ course. I was heavily pregnant by then so I didn’t think I would pass the training. The assessments and classroom work were quite intense but very educational.

It wasn’t easy, but I enjoyed the challenge. We had to walk the trainer’s dog, Winston, a black Labrador, who was just an angel, very calm and really a beautiful soul.

Here is one thing, I can still remember:


Running a successful business, you really need to have excellent communication skills. This means the ability to listen to your clients' needs. And if you have a staff or if you are working from a family home then listening to your family's concerns and needs is just as important.

You need to have some writing skills too. I am dyslexic so my writing is good, but I do ask my friends to proofread my work just to make sure it is readable to others. And you also need the ability to speak. I like to speak to people so this was not too much of a burden. You need to be able to help your customers know what’s happing with their dog(s) when they are in your care. Writing is key to promoting yourself online.

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