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Building trust with your dog

My best memories of my dog Molly are of the times we trained together. I say ‘together’ because we were both learning new tricks and that is what made it fun and exciting putting a smile on both our faces.

This training blog post is about giving you tips on helping you and your furry friend enjoy training together. Molly was my everything. She made me feel good about myself, she made me smile because she was a happy dog.

Building trust with your dog

We had our morning routine of playing for twenty minutes. Then she would have breakfast before we headed off for a long adventurous walk somewhere.

I’m not good at map reading and that was an advantage. It helped us have a lot of fun and adventure because we always got lost in the woods. By the time we found my car, my legs would ache and she was exhausted but would look at me with what I can only explain as her smile. She was a contented dog and now is in Heaven. When I could I drove us somewhere new, and she found it very exciting, Her personality was like mine. We both liked to do things that weren’t always planned.

Even though Molly suffered from separation anxiety we established trust by having so much fun together.

Trusting each other

I believe it is only when you learn to trust each other that you find dog-training fun for both of you. And you will not find it a burden. When you enjoy doing something you will want to do it over and over. And your dog will feel the same. But the opposite is also true. If you don’t enjoy the training your dog will feel it and they won’t perform as well as you would hope. Trust takes time and you need to work at it every day.

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