Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Adult Dog Care £25 per day 

  • Your dog will be full supervised and when I’m separated room if I have more then one dog; I will separate the dog so two dogs or are not left on their own. I have baby gates throughout the house, so each dog can stay in one room own on while attend to going to toilet or change the baby nappy 

  • Some older dogs I found are not so kin on too much exercise, they prefer cuddling up in sofa with me and baby. While others young and older want plenty of exercises Lots of exercise. They get over 30mins walk in the park and the summertime we walk in the woodland. 

  •  Your dog will get 10-20mins play inside or outside in the garden - I use agility course basic equipment  

  • Your dog will get stimulated with various things that go around my home; kids, various food smells I cook, hide and seek treats that they look for find. 

  • Games; I do very basic obedient training: sit, lay down, come or stay and give them treats  

  • Also time to whine down, most my day with dog if we are not and about or playing will seating on sofa watching tv 

Assessment / Taster Session (Dog Crèche) 

  • Book meet and greet so you get a feel if your dog will be comfortable staying with us. The meet and greet is approximately 1 hour long, this when owners get to ask me questions. We go out for walk with dog, so I can assess how to their around other dogs in our walk and also to help your dog feel comfortable with me and my family around. And also for you to look at the home from home daycare facilities we have. 

  • Meet and Greet, I prefer it to be Saturday 

  • Next book an assessment through (Dog Crèche), Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. 

  • For the full assessment I ask that you leave your dog with me for 2 hours 

  • Fill in the booking application form and consent form 

  • Bring with you vaccination certificates or text photo on WhatsApp  

  • In this assessment, I will looking to see if your dog is right for the home from home daycare facility, I offer and if I have other dogs to see how your dog interacts with them. 

  • I want every dog in my care to have the best experience and to second family. 

  • In the summertime your dog will get the chance to splash a bit pool 

  • Your dog will have access to the sofa, comfy bed 

  • My home is always warm 

  • You will receive updates of what your dog’s doing throughput the day, I’m known for sending too much updates and length explanation of what happening. You can let me know in advance if you simply want photos how many and how updates you need from me.