Home Boarding is becoming very popular amongst dog owners who want their dogs or cats to stays in a warm, loving family home and not in kennel! Kennels are great and provide great services but some dogs and cats just prefer that home comfort. 
Your dog will stay with me and my family in our home.We will meet you, first to introduce ourselves before you start booking to make sure you’re happy with us. 
My dog Molly, struggled to stay in kennels, and she didn’t like staying on her owner in new places, when we would take her on caravan holidays if we had to leave to go for meal out, we always dread going back to caravan or we tried those hotels were you can take your dogs but she would just bark and trash the place back than I wasn’t aware of home boarding because I would have benefited from it greatly because we stop going on family holidays after that. 
This is really why; I started home dog daycare and home dog boarding to help other families go and enjoy their holiday knowing that they dog(s) are in good hand. Your dog will receive one to one attention from myself and my little ones and occasionally I have friends that help out too, so these loads of love to give to your dog. 
We in process of adopting our own puppy and your dog will be with another dog, we don’t go over limits the number of dogs allowed in my home. Because your dog won’t be the only animal in our home, I have three dog crates, one for our dog and the other two for our guest dogs if they need that alone time or need to be separate from others to prevent fight. 
The sleeping arrangements; dog beds are available for no extra cost. Because I cater for small and medium size dogs; the beddings are for these groups of dogs only. In our dogs' home boarding your dog will get walked, feed with the food you provide, play with myself, my older kids with supervision or another adult. While your dog is with us, my focus is to supervise them at all times, someone sleep in the same room to ensure their okay through the night and get plenty toilet break if needed. 
Because this is a family home, I do ask that your dog is well socialise with other dogs, and children, that your dog is house trained and toilet trained.  
Why us home boarding instead pet sitting service; I’m qualified pet sitting I always found nerve racking to go to someone home so I couldn’t and when my older kids were younger I occasionally would hire babysitter who would come to my home to stay with my children, I did it three times when my kids asked not book strangers to come look after them, some kids prefer to have babysitter come to their home where they have all their toys etc. Some children don’t, would prefer to go stay somewhere else so they can feel as if it’s holiday break too, so it’s not strange to see a stranger opening your fridge or going in shower without mum or dad being home; some dogs might like that. 
In my home, these no awkwardness of your dog feeling anxious someone using they family home facilities. They get a new experience and get treat as part of our family. 
We consider your pet to be a member of your family and as such should be treated so. 
Visit the Home from Home Dog Daycare to get an idea of what your dog will do during the day. 
It’s important you book one night trial for home boarding to see how your dog copes.