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We have to admit that we are in search of a new dog to join our family. We will update you once we have our own little doggie with us. Our dog Molly rests in peace. She was the best dog ever. Molly and our cat  Sonia (R.I.P) were our inspiration for starting 'Pets Haven'. We offer services like doggie daycare. Our dog walker walks dogs in our local area. We also offer dog boarding. Our blog posts cover different topics because we enjoy exploring and discovering how to juggle dog care and family life.

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Coping Losing a Dog

It has taken four to five years for my heart to finally heal, and for me to stop hearing the guilty voices saying, ‘It’s your fault Molly...

Losing a Dog

I remember when I lost my dog, Molly, after sharing 10 years of our lives together. I could not believe she was no longer with us. I was...

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