Vision Statement

My vision for Pets Haven Limited is to provide first-class services to pet parents and their pets. And for pets’ parents to continue to choose and recommend my excellent services as the leading home pet care services. 

Mission Statement

Pets Haven Limited’s mission is to create peace of mind for clients. I am committed to ongoing continuous professional development.

Core Values

Honesty to interact with clients in an open and honest manner.

Respect to demonstrate through actions and statements my respect for each individual client.

Integrity to always choose to do the “right” thing even when it may not always be the most popular option.

Trustworthy to establish a high degree of trust with my clients, volunteers and my partners through individual actions and statements.

Transparency to consistently remain transparent in the communication about our products, services, methods and processes.

Education to remain committed to seeking out and providing ongoing learning, development and educational opportunities for our clients and volunteers.